Jill worked with my daughter through an extremely challenging year of her life. Jill was able to navigate the waters with skill, grace, and an experienced eye that could pick up nuanced behaviors while also maintaining steadfast emotional support and patience. She created an environment where all types of learning were valued but also held the academic goals in sight. Jill makes you feel welcomed, at ease, and has a great sense of humor. She was always able to meet us where we were at and provide empowering support while also holding a compassionate space. She is an extremely talented teacher and a rare gem of a person.


Helping my daughter navigate through 4th grade math was a challenge, to say the least. We hired Jill to help our daughter make sense of the material. The minute she sat down with her I knew she was going to help her. Jill was organized, knowledgeable, patient and enthusiastic. She not only helped my daughter with the work but ended up changing my daughters outlook on math all together. Jill gave her confidence and motivation in her approach to new material. We need more teachers like you, Jill! Keep up the good work!


Jill is simply the best teacher! She taught my son through 3rd grade. Honestly, my son has some certain challenges that can stump even the most seasoned teachers so I was amazed to see how she was able to reach him despite his issues. My son learned so much and became able to trust teachers again thanks to Jill. She is passionate about nurturing the whole child. Patient, kind, and mindful, she truly has a special way with kids. She’s one in a million!


Miss Jill used to work with me at my company Miss Bee’s Tutoring located in Hermosa Beach, CA. She worked with me for years and is one of the most fabulous, engaging, talented, and dedicated teachers that I have ever employed. She is a true gem to anyone who has the opportunity to work with her. I have watched her students thrive and gain confidence and skills in all areas of academics. Reading, writing, math, science, you name it. Jill, we miss you so much. Your new students are very lucky Love.

Laura aka Miss Bee

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